Burning, Blinking, and Getting Better

I had no idea I'd be visiting Kyoto during my time in Shiga Prefecture, Japan last year until my Takashima City host mother gave me an itinerary sheet the day before our group was set to travel there. Our tight schedule in Kyoto that day meant visiting the most obligatory must-see places: Kinkaku-ji, Fushimi Inari, … Continue reading Burning, Blinking, and Getting Better

Traveling through Languages

The best thing I did for myself last year was push myself to learn basic Japanese. Teaching myself Japanese made me a more confident person by accomplishing something I wasn't sure was possible. Especially trying to balance taking care of the house and family and small business stuff. I wanted to quit at least a … Continue reading Traveling through Languages

A Mom is Many Things

A mom is many things. To one mom, this phrase overwhelms.  Her many things are an accumulation of the seemingly never-ending daily duties and demands. To another mom, this phrase encourages. Her many things are an accumulation of the seemingly miraculous things she is able to accomplish in a single day. In 70 days I'll … Continue reading A Mom is Many Things