Good Ol’ Septimus {A Bad Axe History Poem}

Are you from Bad Axe? Then you must, have heard of good ol' Septimus. If you're an Irwin you might be included in his family tree. In eighteen hundred thirty-three is where we'll start our history. Born in September on the fourth From Canada, our neighbor North. His family later made their way to Michigan, … Continue reading Good Ol’ Septimus {A Bad Axe History Poem}

The Art of Oversharing

What's on your mind? It says in gray. The same old question every day. What's on my mind? It's quite a bit. But most folks just don't give a shit. Whats on your mind? It's how we share. Does every “like” mean someone cares? What's on my mind? Don't wanna say.... I'm sure I'll hit “post” … Continue reading The Art of Oversharing

Standardized Socialization

Today's poem is inspired by my "favorite" home educating question: What about socialization? After nearly 10 years of home educating, this question never gets old. 😉 This one's dedicated my home educating homies who've found yourself at the post office, grocery store check-out line, or any other place just trying to mind your own gol … Continue reading Standardized Socialization

Brother Phillipe

  Brother Phillipe is a creature of habit who happens to be a Carthusian rabbit   He lives among monks in the province Dauphine where the saints distill spirits and keep their souls clean   Phillipe's mostly silent, except once a week on the long walks when monks are permitted to speak.   Brother Phillipe … Continue reading Brother Phillipe

Tea Talk

  ************************************************************************************ To share on social media, use the handy-dandy buttons below. Also, thanks for sharing! 🙂 To go to my homepage, GO HERE. If you want to read more about me, START HERE. If you want to contact me about something, GO HERE. If you want to receive the MUSEletter, a monthly dose of … Continue reading Tea Talk