The ABC’s of Me

The morning I sat down to write this ‘about’ page my  thoughts turned into the colorful and chaotic heap of letters at the end of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

boom boom

Badlkjfslfjsoiutslsfjfdsaf. Ugh.

After 20 minutes or so of imagining Bill Martin Jr.’s twenty-six adorable illustrated letters slowly crushing my creativity to death, I heard the voice of Anne Lamott in my head say, “Letter by letter, Shar. Just take it letter by letter.” 


So that’s what I did. Literally. Without any further ado, here is my semi-illustrated, somewhat entertaining about page:

 The A to Z of Me 


A: Age?

My birthday is July 23, 1982. Do the math. 🙂

B: Best Friend?

My husband. *insert awwww sounds here*

C: Chocoholic


D: Dog Owner

Dottie is an English Bulldog. Pudge is a long-haired dachshund. Both of them make our home whole, hairy, and happily entertained.

E: Entrepreneurial

My husband and I own our own small automotive business in our small town, and I also own a small art studio, Magic Pine Studio.

 F: Five Kids

You read that right. I have five kids. Crazy, huh? It’s actually pretty awesome.

G: Gardener

Especially, herbs. I’m actually a certified herbalist, and use the herbs I grow and foraged for teas, tinctures, and other goodies for health and wellness and what-not.

H: Henna Artist

I’ve been dabbling with Henna off and on since 2010-ish. I don’t do it as often as I’d like, but it’s a funny hobby.

I: Insight Artist

This is what I consider my personal super power. The art of insight is the practice of intentional observation of self and surroundings to create curiosity, clarity, and confidence on this canvas called life.

J: Japanophile

Oh my gosh, where do I begin. I’m learning Japanese and love all things Japanese related. I’m even going to Japan in Sept. of 2017!!!!!

K: Kid at Heart

I appreciate a good sugar cereal, cartoons, fart jokes, and not taking life too seriously. I hope that never changes.

L: Lives in Michigan

deer michigan

M: Married Since 2000

To the same person, too. How ’bout that?

N: Not Sure What I’m Doing Most of the Time

But I do my best to roll with it and have fun. Like the time I thought I bought five dairy goats without knowing anything about dairy goats. Things always have a way of working out. And when they don’t, it’s certainly a good way to learn.



O: Okay with Dog Kisses

Most of the time, anyways.

dog kisses


P: (A Little) Peculiar

Okay, maybe more than just a little.


Q: (Sometimes) Quarrelsome

I’m working on it, though.

R: Recovering Approval Addict

And I don’t care that you know it. Or do I? Ha!

S: Shower Singer

T: Trips Over My Own Feet



U: Unschool Mom

 “When you get down to it, unschooling is just a fancy term for ‘life’ or ‘growing up uninstitutionalized.’ ~Grace Llewellyn

V: Violet

is my favorite color.

W: Wholehearted

X: Xenomorph-Phobic


Y: Yields for Critters Crossing the Road

Z: Zoidberg Fan

“Woop, woop, woop!”


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