Good Ol’ Septimus {A Bad Axe History Poem}

Are you from Bad Axe?
Then you must,
have heard of good ol’ Septimus.

If you’re an Irwin
you might be
included in his family tree.

In eighteen hundred
is where we’ll start our history.

Born in September
on the fourth
From Canada, our neighbor North.

His family later
made their way
to Michigan, where they would stay.

He starting working
gaining skills
as a millwright (maker of mills).

He came to Bad Axe
settled down
Helped turn this place into a town.

In eighteen hundred
Bad Axe, the village, came to life.

And guess who served as
The town’s first settler, Septimus.

He also built the
town’s first inn.
Named after him, hotel Irwin.

Built the first courthouse
“The Beehive”
which housed the town’s first Christmas jive.

Became postmaster
lived to see
The town become a real city.

He lived until age
He truly lived a long full life.

If you’re from Bad Axe
then you must
give thanks to good ol’ Septimus.


Septimus Irwin Timeline:

1833 – Sept. 4th, Born in England

1841 – His family moves to Ontario

1858 – His family settles in Austin Township in Sanilac County, Michigan

1873 – Septimus helps build a temporary courthouse for the community

1877 – Irwin Hotel is constructed

1885 – Bad Axe, Michigan, becomes an official town, Septimus becomes the first President of the town of Bad Axe.

1873 – Dec. 22nd, appointed postmaster at Bad Axe Post Office

1876 – First community social event, a Christmas Dance at the courthouse that Septimus built.

1881 – Irwin Hotel burns in The Great Fire of 1881, as does most of the surrounding area

1905 – Bad Axe becomes a city

1928 – Sept. 6th, Septimus Irwin passes away


septimus grave

Septimus Irwin grave in Bad Axe, Michigan


irwin hotel
Irwin Hotel by Paul Petosky




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