Bye Bye Birdy

Had a friendly little visit with a sweet young cedar waxwing this morning. Carter found it sitting on the gatepost while heading into the house. Despite getting close enough to touch it, the little bird stayed put. Carter followed suit, and stayed put, too. It was probably the most he’d stayed put in one place since before he was born. The other kids arrived at the gatepost a few moments later to witness the moment, then ran over to the shop to get me, then ran me back to the gatepost. The peculiar little bird was kind enough to wait for my arrival. Then he was kind enough to perch on my hand and share a few moments together. He looked back at me like I was a peculiar little bird, too. Birds are distinguished seers, you know. Then he flew into a nearby pine. To a place I couldn’t see him nearly as well as he was able to see me. I think he could see that I’m not particularly good at letting things go. (Birds are distinguished seers, you know). So he was kind enough to do the letting go for me. Go go. See see. Bye, bye, birdy.


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