Safety is a Human Right

It’s okay if you or your child(ren) are considering home educating due of the continual rise in school violence.
If you consider or decide to home educate in light of school violence, people may say that you’ve let fear win. Or that you’re being unreasonable. But is that true?
Security cameras, security glass, door-lock devices, metal detectors, regular active-shooter drills, and security guards are becoming standard features in every school to make students and staff feel safe.
We don’t tell schools that doing these things means they’ve let fear win. Or that they’re being unreasonable. Even if some folks feel these measures are extreme, they’re simply doing what they feel is best for making students and staff feel (and be) safe.
So stop telling students or parents who consider home education in the wake of violence that they’re letting fear win or being unreasonable. You may feel that home educating is extreme measure, but there’s nothing wrong with doing what’s best for your family in order for them to feel (and be) safe.




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