The World Needs Your Weirdness

Since writing the Seize the Strange Manifesto, I can’t stop thinking about the importance of weirdness.

My “strangest” life choices are the ones which have brought me the most struggle, stress, and self-doubt.

But they’ve also been the ones which have brought me the most strength, satisfaction, and self-confidence.

Weird changes your life.

Weird changes the world.

It’s weird to refuse to surrender.  

rosa parks

It’s weird to fervently chase your  dreams despite numerous setbacks and failures.

elon musk.jpg

It’s weird to make art despite doubt, discouragement, and a dead-end art career. 

van gogh

It’s weird to risk your safety, let alone your life, to educate and create a better world for others.


Weird is ever risky, yet always rewarding.

For you.

For the world.

If you should find yourself questioning your ability to change your life or the world with your actions, ideas, innovations, art, or advocacy, please remember:

The world needs your weirdness.





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