Rice Cookers & Reality

I can’t imagine living without my rice cooker. The rice comes out perfect every single time. It’s pretty much kitchen wizardry to me. The crazy part is whether you make rice in a rice cooker or on the stove-top, the prep work is the same. Measure the rice, rinse the rinse, then measure and add water. But with the rice cooker, once your prep work is done, you can simply walk away and read a book or prepare the rest of your meal without having to worry about your pot boiling over or burning your rice.

The more you meddle with rice during the cooking process, the more likely you’re going to screw it up. Some life processes are the same. These times call for a rice cooker mentality. Times where we do the necessary prep work and simply trust that the rest of the process will work itself out, even if it’s not the way we imagined. Because it doesn’t usually happen the way we imagine it will anyway, but it always seems to work out.

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