The Litter Boxes of Life

We adopted an mildly ferocious calico kitten about two months ago which my children named, Clover. Every day the kids take turns going down into the basement, almost cheerfully, and scoop out Clover’s litter box, because that was the deal if they wanted this kitten to be a part of our family. But it doesn’t even seem like much of a chore to them, because they love that little kitten so dang much that all of the crap is worth it.

Life is full of crap and every life choice comes with its very own litter box. But when we make meaningful and intentional life choices, the litter boxes of our life don’t seem so bad. And we might even be able to do life’s dirty work cheerfully, because we’re making choices that alight with our convictions and ambitions. And we might even begin living a life we love so much that all of the crap we endure along the way is worth it.


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