New Priorities

There’s nothing more painful in life than discovering that someone you’ve made a priority in your life doesn’t treat you as a priority in return, especially on your birthday. You’re not sure if you should feel angry at the person who let you down or or angry at yourself for not facing the truth sooner. Or both.

The truth is…

“Sometimes people see their need of you more than they see you or your needs.”  ~unknown

Sometimes you don’t see it until you’re tired of making excuses for them letting you (or others) down.

Or you’re tired of always being the one making the effort to make plans or do things together or nothing gets done.

Or you’re tired of being the listener, but never being listened to in return.

Or you’re tired of feeling like your needs and desires are a burden, but theirs aren’t.

Or you’re tired of feeling alone, even when you’re together, because their mind is always someplace else.

How can someone claim to love you, but not make you a priority in their life?

I don’t know.

How can you prevent the painful truth about your priority in someone’s life from crushing your heart?

New priorities.


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