Happy Day Before My Birthday Day!

My kids starting celebrating Day Before Your Birthday days this past December, around all my boy’s birthdays, as a special holiday to celebrate the day before a person’s birthday. The birthday person gets to choose what to watch on the television, what games to play, what foods to eat, and everybody has to be nice to them even if they don’t feel like it.

I’m not entirely sure what in the world sparked the idea, but we’ve just gone along with it because it’s fun and life is too short not to celebrate ordinary days because we can. It might seem strange, but that’s just how we do things around here.

Today we are celebrating my Day Before My Birthday Day. I’m especially thankful for the invention of this silly holiday today, because it was two years ago today that my dad passed away- on the Day Before My Birthday Day.

Even though I’m pretty sure my kids invented this holiday with themselves in mind, I think I’m the most thankful for and benefited by it. Rather than use this day to remember death, I’m reminded to celebrate life. Not just on birthdays either. Everyday. Because it’s fun and life is too short not to.


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