The Work No One Sees

To those who do the work no one else sees: the servers, sharers, and sacrificers of all kinds.

Your work is the most important work. It’s the most difficult work. It’s the most unacknowledged work.

Your work would never get done if you depended on acknowledgment, anyway. Sure, it would be nice, but if you know darn well that acknowledgment won’t give you more ideas or creativity or passion. Acknowledgment won’t sit with you on your difficult days filled with fears or failures or criticisms. Acknowledgment, when and if it comes, may be nice, but it’s definitely why you do what you do.

You do the important, difficult, unacknowledged work because you see the value in your work, even when no one else does. You see the value of yourself, even when no one else does. And perhaps the most important, difficult, and unacknowledged thing about of your work, is your ability see the value in others, even when no one else does.


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