The Unspoken Rules of Unschooling {And Why Unschoolers are Strange}

The Unspoken Rules of Unschooling

-You need to regularly quote one or more of the following unschool gurus (Holt, Patterson, Dodd, Martin, Gatto, and Gray) on social media.

-You need to hate public school, and refer to it as prison as often as possible. Especially on social media and in public.

-You need to base your entire life around unschooling principles, otherwise you’re not a “true” unschooler.

-You need practice attachment parenting, eat only organic foods and/or be raw vegan, know 101 uses for coconut oil, live in an RV/mobile home, and practice mediation, yoga, or some other new-age practice.

-And last but not least, you need a blog or other social media outlet to post about our daily unschool life and the reasons why traditional learning is an oppressive authoritarian construct for manipulating society into obedient citizens.

(I’m obviously being a bit cheeky here, so need to take offense, mkay?)


If you’re at all familiar with unschooling or just getting familiar with unschooling, you may have noticed some of these trends among some of the unschooling community.

There’s nothing wrong with these things, but it feels like these things have become the generally accepted defining qualities of unschoolers. We’re actually a pretty diverse group of people. Although, I do agree that we’re all a bit strange. Haha! But I think that’s a great thing!

You’ve got to be a little strange to spend all day long with your children in a society where children are financial burdens or the “reason we drink.”

You’ve got to be a little strange to believe that a one-size-fits-all educational model isn’t best for all children, when society seems to think that traditional schooling is the very best way.

You’ve got to be a little strange to deviate from society’s norms in order to do what’s best for your family and children.

The only “rule” for unschooling is a willingness to make your own rules. This will make you strange, but I promise it will be worth it. 🙂


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