Some Pig

“People are not as smart as bugs.” -CharlotteI know I’m supposed to be terrified of spiders, but I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I want to cross paths with a spider unexpectedly in the dark or in the vulnerable space of my bathroom shower, I just happen to appreciate them in a way that other folks don’t.

I’m sure it’s also abnormal of me that the character I related to most growing up was Wilbur, the Pig from Charlotte’s Web. I wasn’t born the runt of the litter, but I was born to a teenage mother who was advised to abort me before I could burden her or the rest of the world with my care. Thankfully my mother, my real-life Fern Arable, felt I was worth saving and raising. I was Some Pig.

Before I was old enough to learn that certain people wanted me aborted, I somehow knew I was lucky to be alive. I knew I wasn’t ordinary, and would never be. And I knew if I wanted to make it in this world I’d have to pay careful attention to the things other people didn’t, like the wisdom of spiders.


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2 thoughts on “Some Pig

  1. I am also not afraid of spiders and carry a lot of bugs in my hand to take them down the hall to the outdoors of my apartment. I figure they hold a place in nature, too.
    I have a dear friend who was forced to marry a guy in high school who got her pregnant. Her Jessica is extra special and loved! Mindy divorced him and later remarried and had 3 more kids. Thanks for liking my post on Thursday’s Doors! 🙂

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    1. So happy to meet another friend of spiders and insects. 🙂 And happy to hear that Mindy and Jessica have found themselves a part of a happy family.


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